LUSH Orlando Airport

Last time I picked Christopher up from the airport I decided to go inside to surprise him. I was a little bit early and his flight was a little delayed, so I figured I would poke around in the shops and get a coffee and people watch, it was an amazing decision.

I got off the elevator, walked around the corner and saw a sign for LUSH. I had been planning to go to LUSH soon, and finding it unexpectedly was one of the best things to happen all week.

I am kind of new to LUSH products. I shopped there for the first time earlier this year when I got my mom some fancy bath stuff for her birthday and bought myself an oatmeal face mask, they even gave me a sample of the R&B Hair Moisturizer. 

I saw a YouTube video of a LUSH Halloween haul and really wanted to try something from the Halloween line.

This is what I bought!! 

Monsters' Ball

This bath bomb smells amazing! I have the crappiest tub soooo I'm not sure when/how I'll use this, but if I have to buy a kiddie pool and rock and old school bath by carrying buckets of warm water to my make shift soaking tub I will make sure I use this!

As I said earlier, I got a sample of this last time I went to LUSH and it was amazing. It's super moisturizing and smells so good.

This is my first massage bar and so far it's awesome. I've only used it once, but Chris rubbed it on my shoulders and it melts right into your skin and smells really good.

This is the sample I got this time and I am on the fence about it. It smells pretty good, but I feel like it's just an OK soap. We have a local soap place that makes amazing soaps and I prefer them to this LUSH soap sample.

So far I have been really pleased with everything I have tried from LUSH and one day I will have a giant bathtub that people will confuse with an indoor pool so I can soak in LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars every day.

Get the graph paper ready, I'm off to plan my bathroom addition.


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