Magic Kingdom: Main Street Electrical Parade and Fall Decorations

The second time we went to Disney with our new passes we went to Magic Kingdom. It was the last day they were running the Main Street Electrical Parade, and of course we wanted to see the magical Fall decorations.

We started with a little trip to the Hall of Presidents, a favorite attraction of nerds everywhere. All I could think about while in this little animatronic presentation was how ludicrous it would be to see Donald Trump next to all of the other Presidents. Yikes.

Then of course we road Pirates of the Caribbean.

Watched the magical fireworks show and got great seats for the parade.

Tinkerbell was SO CLOSE TO ME!!!

I tried to just enjoy the parade and not worry about taking too many pictures, so that's why I only have two. Sorry pals.

Cinderella's castle is so beautiful at night, look at that magical reflection.

The pumpkin Mickey's everywhere are so cute! I love fall, now if only we could get some cooler fall like weather for a few weeks.

Decorations at Disney are never disappointing, but I love fall and Christmas most of all. The most magical weeks of the year and the most magical place on earth are here friends, and I am SO excited!


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