31 Things I am Grateful for in December 2016

1. Corny nerd jokes
2. Christmas at Disney

3. Cracker Christmas
4. Friends that don't even think twice when you strip down in their backyard because a palmetto bug is in your shirt and then help you search your clothes and blanket to make sure it's far away from you. Oh, and the fire that we were sitting around.
5. Decorating our Christmas tree with cookies

6. Christmas movies
7. Making pretty sparkly vinyl things
8. Trying a new coffee place, Foxtail Coffee

9. The Rifle Paper Co. Sidewalk Sale
10. Another picture with Knightro

11. The annual box of Lowery's Candies from Josh and Kimber
12. A nerdy new experience
13. Wine with some excellent ladies
14. Another year of Miranda
15. Family members that will let my dog out and give her a hug for me on long days
16. Online shopping
17. Gingerbread houses and the people that build them with me

18. Taking Christopher to try Foxtail
19. An impromptu date night
20. Trying out another new coffee place - DUO58 in Oviedo

21. Nachos at a basketball game
22. Wrapping presents from Santa
23. Crazy Christmas light displays

24. Pancakes, Pizza, Pot Roast, and all of the family that shared those meals with us
25. Jesus
26. A Christmas beach day

27. Ordering new glasses
28. Seeing an out of town friend
29. A day to do anything I want
30. A new printer for crafting
31. Planning 2017 with Christopher

This has been a pretty good December, which is just what I needed to end this weird year.


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