31 Things I'm Grateful for in January 2017

1. A slow start to the new year
2. The Crown on Netflix
3. A basketball game and Frosty date with Christopher

4. Jokes that make you laugh until it hurts
5. My new bookmark (Thanks Jessie)

6. Iced coffee for when January decides to be 20 degrees too warm (high of 80 today)
7. Reading almost an entire book in one day
8. A day full of projects

9. Eating a hot fudge sundae wrapped in a heated blanket
10. Ordering Girl Scout cookies
11. Audiobooks from the library
12. Haircuts 
13. Free cold brew from Foxtail

14. Celebrating baby T2
15. 31 years of gracing the earth with my presence
16. Another year of Grandma Marty
17. People that love me
18. A Keurig for my office

19. Weather nice enough for eating outside

21. Celebrating a lovely friend
22. A day at home to hang out and catch up on TV (thanks storm)
23. Making beef stroganoff for dinner 
24. Lucy to keep my company when Christopher travels

25. A random vacation day in the middle of the week 
26. Trying a new taco place with Christopher

27. Celebrating the retirement of one of my sweetest coworkers 
28. A fun night celebrating my birthday a little bit more
29. A productive day cleaning my office/craft room

30. A quick after work trip to Epcot to ride the Frozen ride and see fireworks
31. Drinks with a couple of excellent ladies


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