Birchbox: January 2017

This month's theme is "Your Greatest Self ". This was a good box for me because I love hair and skin care samples and that is pretty much everything in the box.

I used the R+Co shampoo and conditioner and loved it. They make really nice products and so far I've liked pretty much everything I've tried from them except the dry shampoos and that's just because I'm not a fan of dry shampoo. I think I must be using it wrong though because I am the only person I know that doesn't love dry shampoo. We'll see how I feel about this Living Proof one. If I get brave enough to try it. 

I have also been using the It's Potent! eye cream and I like it more than I thought I would. It has a nice smooth texture and feels moisturizing without being heavy. I actually think I have another one of these somewhere in my "samples I haven't gotten to yet" box so I might have to dig that out for an extended trail. 

The Burt's Bees lipstick seems nice and I like the color, but I only tried it on for a few minutes before a shower. I'm not very confident with lipsticks, so I don't wear them often. I think it's because when I do where them people notice and then say something and then I get self conscious about how it looks and if they really do actually like it, and do I have lipstick on my teeth or my cheek? And do I need to reapply and will I get it on my donut and will it stain my mug? I have lipstick issues. I'm working it out with a good therapist, I promise. 

I'm excited to try the Avene Moisture Mask and the Sunday Riley Treatment because I've heard good things about them and with a $105/oz price tag this Sunday Riley stuff better turn my skin unicorn soft. 

Overall, I was really happy with this box, nice work Birchbox!  


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