DIY Sofa Table

I've been wanting to make a table to go behind our couch, but our furniture has never really been situated in our living room where that would work. Then over my Christmas break I decided we needed to move our furniture around again and now we could make a sofa table work!

We started by cutting all of our wood and making sure the table was the right  height. Then we added an outlet, stained it, and coated it in waterproof coating.

We bought a piece of 1" X 10" that was 12' long at Home Depot or Lowes, I can't remember. We cut the wood to be 4.5' long to fit between the corner and the window behind our couch. Then we measured the height of the back of our couch and  cut the legs so that the table top would match up with the top of the couch. Then Christopher cut some spare wood we had and made leg braces to make sure the table stayed extra sturdy. I have no pictures of these parts. Oops. 

Those are all of the details I have because Christopher did all the work and I've just enjoyed having it here next to my favorite corner spot on the couch. 

Now I can plug my phone in and set my snacks and drinks and crap on here!

I look forward to putting decorations on our fancy new table for holidays and I'm also thinking about getting a small lamp to put in the corner.

But let's be honest, this is what it's going to look like most of the time. Crap everywhere.


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