I Decided to Paint the Dining Room, Almost

Over my Christmas break I decided to take down the mirrors in my dining room. I have been collecting mirrors for several years and my collection, while nice, just wasn't quite shaping up to be what I had imagined. So I decided that I needed to take the mirrors down, rethink the space, and maybe put the ones I really like back up with some other things.

After taking the mirrors down, I thought "dang this would be a good time to paint". WHY DIDN'T I JUST TELL NETFLIX THAT I WAS IN FACT STILL WATCHING?!

I told Bianca I was thinking of painting and that I wanted to go to the hardware store to get paint samples and later that afternoon we went and picked out samples. Of course, I didn't tell Christopher about my master plan because he was at work. Bianca and I swatched the three shades of blue/blue-green and I sat at the table and literally watched the paint dry while I formed opinions on the shades.

Fast forward a couple of hours, Chris comes home and is like "ummm....WTF ma'am"? He wasn't a fan of any of the colors I picked. So we went back to the hardware store and bought more samples, this time cream, light blue, and dark grey. I didn't even take pictures of those because we didn't like t hose either.

Who knew my 2 hours of "Let's Paint" would turn into weeks of deciding a paint color. January is a busy month for us, my birthday is this weekend and plus I have two friends a grandma and an aunt and 2 cousins with January birthdays, plus a baby shower this weekend. I probably won't get around to painting until February. Oh well. Next time I'll tell Netflix I'm still rewatching That 70's Show for the 40th time and convince myself that I shouldn't start a project that I can't complete on my own without getting some advice from the other person involved.

Once we finally pick a color I'll make sure to post an update. Pray for us. Picking out paint is hard. It could get ugly.


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