28 Things I'm Grateful for in February 2017

1. Trying a new cheesecake flavor from Cheesecake Factory

2. Pretty coffee

3. Getting to listen to Science Friday
4. Seeing La Nouba for the first time thanks to an awesome coworker

5. A fancy pancake date with Amber

6. Antibiotics when my sinuses and ear decide to be a pain in the ass head
7. Netflix to entertain me when my brain is tired
8. When Christopher brings home take out for the third night in a row and groceries to get us through the last two days of the week
9. Finding the cutest coffee mug rug on my desk this morning that my sweet co-worker made for me! P.S. it has cupcakes on the other side =)

10. Seeing A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder with Kera

11. Celebrating another year of my daddy with this insane pie inside a cake

12. Rifle Paper announced they are partnering with Keds. I can't wait to own a pair.
13. A new grill
14. Another Valentine's Day with Christopher
15. Journals
16. Coworkers that make me laugh
17. A coffee date with Jenn and Brynn!

18. Strawberry soft serve
19. Seeing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in Concert with the Orlando Philharmonic

20. When Jake brings coffee for me at work
21. Fancy oatmeal

22. Another year of sweet Molly
23. Work husbands
24. Hannah the coffee fairy
25. A fun night with some of my favorite girls
26. A big UCF win over Cincinnati

27. Chris asking me to marry him 9 years ago
28. Coffee. Always coffee.


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