Latest LUSH Trip

I am newly addicted to the LUSH brand, but so far almost everything I have tried has been incredible. I love that there is a LUSH store in the airport so I can run in and get stuff when Christopher travels for work.

After watching some YouTube videos about products other people like I decided to pick up Tea Tree Water Toner, Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, Grease Lightning, and Mint Julips Lip Scrub. They also included a couple of samples in my bag, the Godiva Shampoo Bar and Passion Fruit Lip Balm.

The Godiva shampoo bar is the first thing I have tried form LUSH that I have actually hated. the product itself is probably fine, but holy crap the smell. I did not like that scent at all. I used a deep conditioner after washing my hair with it, then used a styling cream and topped it off with hairspray and I could still smell the shampoo bar. The scent of the bar was a little too deep and earthy for me, I prefer light/bright scents and this was the opposite of that. I also did think it was a little hard to use, but maybe you get used to it.

The lip balm is really nice, passion fruit is not a flavor I would choose, but the formula is really nice, it's smooth and not sticky, which is pretty much what I'm looking for in a lip product.

Now the stuff I picked out on purpose!

I am loving the Tea Tree Water toner it is really soothing and makes my face feel fresh. The grease lightning is a cool product that you can use as a spot treatment for blemishes and it seems to be helping with some of my stubborn areas. They aren't cleared up completely, but I've only used it a couple of times. At the very least they aren't getting worse, so I'm please with that.

The ocean salt scrub is really scrubby. I have used it on my face, neck, and chest and I really liked how smooth I felt after using it. Some of the little scrubbies are kind of sharp so use a light hand when massaging it in. I also LOOOVVVEEEE the lip scrub, like LOVE. My lips chap very easily because I am terrible about putting on lip stuff consistently . It smells so amazing and the little tiny scrubies leave your lips so soft. I've been using that in the shower and then putting on the lip balm when I get out. It's a really nice little routine.

If you haven't tried anything from LUSH yet, I highly recommend it. There products are really nice and the people in there are so friendly. Just a warning though, if you go to a store in person be prepared for the scent overload. They have their bath bombs, bubble bars, and bar soaps out in the open and lots of samples. It's a smelly place. I have a hard time with fragrance so I have to be quick when I go in, but it all smells really nice. Just a little intense.

LUSH doesn't know me, promise. 


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