31 Things I'm Grateful for: March 2017

1. Christopher was able to come with me to get a new car battery

2. Mental health counseling
3. Driving with the windows down
4. A quick trip to Hollywood Studios

5. Ice cream flights

6. Going to our first UCF baseball game of the season

7. Getting our tickets for the next few things we're seeing in the mail
8. Friends that write me love notes in notebooks
9. Meeting my newest niece (of course we had to selfie, duh)

10. Mozzarella sticks
11. Jokes about scurvy and pirates

12. Trying a new doughnut place

13. Saying goodbye to the green carpet!
14. Pi and pie

15. New fancy hair
16. A nerdy date night with Christopher

17. Friends that force me to go out when I don't want to but need to
18. A Wendy's date with Bianca
19. Ben & Jerry's pint slices

20. A night of ignoring my to do list and watching Iron Fist on Netflix instead
21. Lunch with Amber
22. A UCF Basketball win in the NIT and moving on to the semifinals!!

23. Meeting and loving a bestie's new boyfriend
24. New rugs
25. Getting our living room put back together

26. Molly and Lucy playing together really nicely
27. My peace lily at work bloomed!
28. My favorite allergy medicine is available over the counter now!!!

29. Coke
30. Not having to drive on the interstate every day
31. Reese's peanut butter eggs


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