30 Things I'm Grateful for in April 2017

1. Ice cream
2. Family breakfast
3. Ted Talks
4. Clean sheets
5. A chance to stop by home in the middle of the day to see Lucy

6. Cake
7. Playing with Molly
8. Celebrating a new baby
9. Celebrating Mike, Cherie, Shannon, and my mom
10. Smoothies
11. UCF Celebrates the Arts

12. A sweet coworker gave me a desk fountain for my office
13. Seeing work friends from other campuses
14. The Krispy Kreme Hot Doughnut sign
15. Watching Molly hunt eggs
16. Easter. He is Risen!
17. Another year of my mommy
18. Drive through car washes

19. Target
20. People who encourage me
21. Wine glasses the size of my face

22. Fancy foam art in my coffee
23. Amazon music
24. Hugs
25. Trader Joe's
26. Another year of Amber
27. Pinterest
28. Beach birthday celebrations
29. Celebrating a cool new Dr. Congrats Jessie!!
30. Thank you treats from students


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