Friday Favorites: May 19, 2017

It's that time again, this is what I have been loving this week!

Scorpion Season 3

We are so behind on TV shows, but this week we caught up on Scorpion. I really like this show, does anyone else watch it?

Trader Joe's Juice

I love Trader Joe's and I am so glad I work practically across the street from one. I love to watch Trader Joe's Haul videos on YouTube and I love juice and smoothies. So when I saw someone mention this pineapple juice, I knew I needed to try it. I also went ahead and picked up the Orange Peach Mango juice, because yolo. These juices are delicious, and I've already bought them each twice. They were good in smoothies and on their own and I love them.

Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil

Sunshine oil is a face oil I've been using to help my crazy dry skin. It comes in funky packaging, but I love it so much. I am actually still using up a sample so I haven't broken into the full size yet, but I'm excited to know I won't be running out. anytime soon

To use it you click the button on the back and then roll it on your face. So weird, but at least I don't have to rub it on with my hands.

Culver's Sundaes

Last week a Culver's opened near us and so far we've been twice. Once to actually eat dinner and one more time to just get sundaes. The sundae above is vanilla frozen custard, hot fudge, caramel, and toasted pecans. YUM. I also tried the caramel cashew sundae, but we got it in the drive thru and it was dark and I was too excited to take a picture. If you live near a Culver's and haven't been yet, get yourself there immediately.

What are your favorites this week?


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