My First Time Using Amazon Lockers

I had a package from amazon to return and I decided to try out Amazon lockers. I filled out the return form online and chose a locker location on my way home from work and conveniently located next to Donut King. Most of the lockers near me are at 7-11, which is great for picking up or dropping off packages because the post office doesn't offer Slurpees and 7-11 does.

So, back to the business of returning my purchase. I printed the label and instructions and headed off to the locker location. When you get to the lockers you type in your return code on the kiosk monitor. Immediately a door swings open (I was too amazed to remember to take a picture of this part) the first door that opened wasn't big enough for my box and I kind of freaked out a little inside. So I looked at the screen and it had read my mind (or amazon is just smart and thought about all the possibilities). The screen had an option to tell it that your box didn't fit in the locker that opened, then it prompted you to close the door and a new one magically popped open. I stuffed my box into the second locker closed the door and told the locker I was done. It was amazing.

The Amazon lockers were super easy to use, way more convenient than going to the post office, and if you needed a refreshing beverage or quick snack or smoke, you could run into the 7-11 it was standing next to.

This will be great when it's Christopher's birthday or when I'm ordering Christmas gifts for him. Then I can plan when to sneak the boxes into the house without him seeing them. It will also be my new go to method for returns. Thank goodness Amazon has thought of everything. No wonder their boxes have a smile on them.

*Amazon didn't ask me to use their locker, 7-11 doesn't know I'm a Slurpee enthusiast, and Donut King didn't know I was next door returning a package.


  1. We live in the future and it's so incredible! I can't wait to try this... I'm pretty sure the location next to Donut King will *always* be the most convenient one, if you know what I mean ;)

    1. I almost want to have my stuff delivered there, but then what if I don't feel like wearing pants. Life is so hard in the future.


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