Friday Favorites: June 9, 2017

What a week. Christopher was out of town this week, work was crazy busy, and the world fell apart a little more than usual. I've been leaning on YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu for support. This is what I've been watching to avoid reality.

1. Donald the Musical

I loved Matilda. Tim Minchin is amazing, and I thought this was pretty funny.

2. The Skin Deep 

These videos of people asking each other questions are amazing. They are so brave to share such personal stories.

3. Why is Everyone Getting Naked?

I love Mayim Bialik. I may not always agree with her, but I do agree that women need to be seen more often for something other than how they look.

4. Grey's Anatomy & Casual

I have been catching up on Grey's Anatomy on Hulu and waiting for every Tuesday to watch Casual.

5. Girlboss & The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

At night while I put away laundry or hang out with Lucy I have been watching these two fun girly shows. They aren't my favorite, but they are fun and light and I don't care if I miss a few minutes here and there and they don't make me feel like aliens are on my roof.

6. Wonder Woman

Last but certainly not least, I saw Wonder Woman. IF you haven't seen it, GO NOW! I really liked it and the minute it was over I was like alright, when is the next one coming out?!?

How have you been dealing with this week? Any favorite shows you're watching or catching up on?


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