If there is one thing the last year has shown me more than anything else, it is that LOVE conquers all. I've read it and believed it all my life, but now I've seen it in such a big way, I can't even find words to describe it. Orlando knows how to love deeply. Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting where 49 people lost their lives. The deep dark hole that one hateful person made, has been filled over and over with endless love. In memory of the lives lost, in honor of each other, and to show the world that hate will be drown out, and LOVE will always win. 

So if you feel overwhelmed with the world, remember to LOVE. Show other people the kindness you want to feel. Connect with someone else. Chances are good that if you feel lonely, or weary, or afraid, someone else you know does too. You don't have to be alone. Reach out to someone. 

Be one of those helpers that Fred Rogers looked for. Help a friend, help a stranger, volunteer for a cause that is near and dear to you. The One Orlando Alliance Acts of Love and Kindness campaign is a really good reminder to Act. Love. Give. The world we want to live in starts with us. Be good to each other.

The world can seem like it's full of horrible things and people, and sure there are plenty of horrible things happening, but look for the hope. Look for the faith. Look for the LOVE. It's there, if you look hard enough. Let LOVE be the reason you get up every day, let it fuel you.

If you are feeling helpless, please tell someone. Your life matters and is worth living. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline offers confidential phone calls and an online chat. Call 24 hours a day: 1-800-273-8255


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