Our First Visit to Be Our Guest

This is the cutest restaurant I've ever been to at Magic Kingdom. We got the grey stuff, and it was delicious.

We went at lunch, which offers a quick service style menu. You order at a station and then they bring you your food in the dining room and find you using your magic band. It was pretty cool. It's nice that you are able to get your own drink, including refills. and pick a dining room to sit in (there are three) based on what you feel like when you get there.

We made a reservation and it was quick getting in and out, it took less than an hour to check in, order, and eat. It was also really nice to kind of escape the business of the park and be somewhere inside and fancier than your typical quick service.

I had the braised pork which at $16.99 was one of the most expensive things on the lunch menu, but not that much more than a typical counter service lunch that would cost $10-$12. And it was SO GOOD, and a much nicer lunch experience than say eating a foot long hot dog and fries from Casey's Corner outside while being attacked by ducks.

I would absolutely recommend trying to get a reservation to eat at Be Our Guest during a visit to Magic Kingdom, we really enjoyed it.


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