31 Things I'm Grateful for in July 2017

1. A cheap beach umbrella to take to the pool
2. Finally buying the Harry Potter Blu-ray set, no more full screen Sorcerer's Stone for us
3. Homemade adult popsicles
4. America
5. English muffins
6. Timehop
7. An afternoon at the pool with little Baylee
8. Petting and feeding retired horses again
9. A nice vampira (phlebotomist) for another round of tests
10. A lunch break mani/pedi
11. Slurpee day!!!
12. Christmas in July at Bluebird Bake Shop - peppermint in July =)
13. A fun trip to Gideon's Bakery with Hannah
14. Lunch and fancy tea from Starbucks with Christopher on my last half day Friday
15. Pie
16. Tacos
17. A couple of long drives in the car with Christopher
18. Notebooks
19. Tito's
20. Another year of Josh
21. Homemade cookies from my mom
22. Foxtail Coffee
23. Weird license plates that make me laugh
24. Figuring out two things that are making me hella tired, bring on the supplements
25. Our Broadway in Orlando tickets came!
26. Interesting foods from Trader Joe's
27. Making an ice cream sandwich cake with Hannah
28. Iced tea
29. Another year of Susie
30. Catching up with a friend
31. Harry Potter


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