Friday Favorites: June 30, 2017

Hello friends! It's been a few weeks since I've posted a favorites post, so I figured I'd round up some stuff I like and share it with you, even though it's Sunday... oops.

1. Saturdaes from Jeremiah's 


Jeremiah's has a new treat on the menu, the saturdae. Not to be confused with a regular sundae, saturdaes are way fancier because they come from Jeremiah's. Honestly I don't know what makes them special, if anything, but they are delicious. I got hot fudge and Christopher for Reese's Peanut Butter, which had peanut butter and hot fudge toppings, so he definitely ordered the better saturdae.

2. Bianca

Recently a really special friend of ours passed away and we were on punch duty for her memorial service reception. Bianca and I always seem to find a way to turn even the saddest life events into something to remember fondly. We miss Ms. Brenda, but we know she enjoyed watching us struggle to scoop sherbet and make punch with her new angel friends in heaven. Also, this was part of our highly revered church lady education, right? Once we master punch and getting kids to quiet down without words, we'll have it made, I think. If you have a guide book on how to become a really beloved part of any social circle, we'll take copies, thanks in advance.

3. Rosie the Roomba

We bought a Roomba! It's been my main source of entertainment this week. I love this thing. I've never loved vacuuming more than I do now. Sometimes the future is pretty great.

4. My beach umbrella at the pool

Last weekend I saw a couple successfully use a beach umbrella at the pool and knew I had to do this. I've seen plenty of people bring them and run after them and have them fall on their heads, but last week the couple used a bungee cord to tie it to the fence in addition to digging it into the dirt along the edge of the patio. So I went to Target and bought an umbrella that was on sale, found a bungee cord and off to the pool I went.

5. Harry Potter on Blu-Ray

I have obviously owned all of the Harry Potter movies as long as they have been out, but I had full screen versions of the first two or three and Christopher HATED watching them. So after years of him complaining I finally bought the whole collection on Blu-Ray in honor of the 20th Anniversary.

6. Cran-Mano & Malibu Punch

Mix Ocean Spray Cran-Mango juice with Malibu Coconut Rum. Easiest summer punch recipe ever. You're welcome. It's extra patriotic when you drink it out of a red, white, and blue monogrammed cup.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


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