Our Sad Looking Plants

Two years ago we bought some plants, see them in all their new glory above. We still have a few of them, but they do not look this nice anymore.

Our beautiful purple succulent has lost some of it's purple color and is less vibrant now.

It's also really tall and stemy. Is that supposed to happen?

This is an aloe plant. Who knew you could kill an aloe plant.

I don't remember what this one is called but it's the only one that is still doing pretty well. It even flowers occasionally.

This one is on the brink of death too.

This one came from Miranda and has been to the brink and back and to the brink again. So, we'll see if a new home will help.

And then there is my jade plant. It was in a bigger pot,but kind of unhappy, so I moved it to a smaller pot and now it's trying to escape into this little red pot. I had to move the two together because it has started taking root in there. So into another new pot it goes.

We try, but plants definitely have a mind of their own. They are tricky little beasts.


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