Saturday in Sarasota

This weekend Christopher and I spent Saturday in Sarasota to relax and reconnect before he took another work trip. He's been traveling a lot this summer which makes it hard to get back into the swing of things when he's only home for a week or two at a time. We used the two and half hour drive each way to dream about the future, talk about life, and sing a long to the radio. It was great to just be together for an entire day with no interruptions. 

We started out Sarasota adventure with popsicles from Pop Craft. Christopher chose a key lime popsicle and I chose cold brew coffee, naturally. We love Pop Craft and get popsicles there every time we visit Sarasota.

We obviously couldn't visit Sarasota without getting pie from Yoder's Amish Restaurant. The new flavors we tired this time were red raspberry, above, and fresh peach, below.

Fresh peach is a seasonal pie flavor and Christopher's favorite flavor of dessert. Both of these were so good they definitely have earned spots on our favorites list.

Unfortunately, a storm rolled through and sent us packing so we had to watch the sunset from the drive instead of the beach.

I was sad to miss a beach sunset, but we consoled ourselves with tacos.

We decided to stop in Tampa to try Taco Bus. We decided to get our food to go because it was getting late and we wanted to get home at a semi reasonable time.

Christopher got a marinated pork burrito and it was huge.

I decided to get chipotle chicken tacos and I ate them so fast I thought I would explode. If you live near a Taco Bus and need a tasty taco, especially in the middle of the night, give this place a try.

We had a really great Saturday in Sarasota. I hope you had a great weekend friends! Happy Monday!


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