31 Things I'm Grateful for in August 2017

1. Christopher, always.

2. A surprise present from my mom

3. Natalie's honey tangerine juice

4. Margaritas
5. Rocky Horror Picture Show

6. Timehop
7. Lucy

8. Pharmaceuticals
9. Friends that sell you their stuff
10. Lunch out with some amazing ladies who crack me up and keep me sane
11. Mobile ordering from Starbucks
12. Super thoughtful cousins

13. Sheet masks
14. Mozzarella sticks
15. Hilarious mistakes on cake

16. McD's Iced Tea
17. Post it notes and Pinterest

18. A day at the beach with my besties

19. Bogo cereal
20. A husband down to make DIY eclipse viewers for me to take to work

21. Viewing a partial solar eclipse

22. Having dinner delivered
23. Books
24. 20% off my Birchbox purchase
25. Surprise banana muffins
26. A super fun day with Molly

27. Another year of Kimber - because I forgot to be grateful in June, sorry K.
28. Lunch with Miranda
29. Happy hour
30. Culver's frozen custard
31. UCF Footbal is back! Go Knights!


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