30 Things I'm Grateful for in September 2017

1. Going on the Disney Safari with friends

2. Riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
3. Dole Whip with rum

4. My job
5. Hurricane Memes
6. Brothers
7. Friends that fill sandbags with you
8. Rainbows
9. Christopher got home from a work trip before the Hurricane hit
10. Only losing a handful of shingles in the hurricane
11. Playing with Molly and enjoying her air conditioned house
12. Getting our power back!!!!
13. Getting our new passports in the mail
14. Giant foam cups
15. Our first Broadway Across American show as season ticket holders (The King and I)
16. Riding the new Avatar rides at Animal Kingdom

17. Family scotch tasting
18. A day at UCF with some of the best coworkers a girl could ask for
19. Ordering food on an app and just walking in to pick it up
20. Another year of Jacob
21. Pedicures
22. A short stop at home during lunch to see Lucy
23. Giant pretzels and beer
24. Halloween treat shopping - we like to give out toys with our candy
25. Fall TV shows are back
26. Clean sheets
27. Really Reese's day at Culver's
28. McDonald's
29. Lunch with fun ladies
30. Another UCF W!


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