A Birthday Surprise for Christopher

Christopher was traveling for work the week of his birthday, so like any good sneaky wife would, I booked a flight to meet him in Seattle the day before his birthday. I also booked extra hotel rooms, made sure he took the following Monday off for a "surprise" that I wouldn't tell him about, booked a rental car and flew 1/2 way across the country without him figuring it out.

I ran out of luck when I gave him a clue about his birthday surprise not being in Orlando, and he checked my location on google maps. I might have been at the St. Louis airport, SURPRISE! He was so surprised and excited.

The first full day I was in Washington, I explored on my own while Christopher worked. We were staying about 30 min south of Seattle, so I decided to take only local roads into town and I found Lucky Donuts while just browsing GoogleMaps and it had a great rating so I decided to try it out, and WOW. Maybe the best donuts I've ever had.

After my unexpected second breakfast of donuts, I started making my way to Seattle for some sightseeing. My first stop was the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center. They have information and displays of the work the foundation does, and it was cool to learn more about the work they do. If you have time while you are in Seattle, the visitor center is free and definitely worth a stop.

Also, when you leave Florida this weird thing happens where the weather changes and leaves change color and fall off the trees. I think they call this special phenomenon "fall".

Next, I visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass. What an amazing place. I spent about an hour and a half soaking it all in. I listened to the self guided walking tour and after that I just put on some chill music and walked around the garden. Get yourself here.

Look how artistic my space needle reflection in a glass ball picture is.

I also like when I match the scenery. 

After walking around the park, I went to Georgetown. Why is Georgetown always the most hipstery part of every city? I had enchiladas, chips and salsa, and sangria for lunch at a cute little mexican place and did a little shopping and walking around.

Once Christopher was done working for the day, we headed into Tacoma to eat at a cute diner.

Helllooooo dessert!

We visited Canada! But I will write a full post on that later.

Of course we had to go to Pike's Place Market, there were so many cool mural walls. Again, more on this in a full post.

We also found this giant popsicle sculpture, which of course I need to visit and take pictures of. It's been just over two years since my Popsicle passed away and I think of him daily, but this was a special reminder that he is always with me.

After the market, we drove up Mt. Rainier and played in the SNOW!!!!

 I'm outside and I'm actually happy about it.

We have been wanting to visit the Pacific Northwest together for years and even though this was a super quick trip it was a great time exploring together. We already have a list of things to see the next time we make it back! Keep an eye out for Full Canada and Washington Posts.


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