30 Things I'm Grateful for November 2017

1. Double star day at Starbucks
2. Christopher bringing Lucy in the car to pick me up from work

3. Drive thru car washes
4. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Concert
5. Seeing so many cacti on Mt. Lemon

6. Visiting the Grand Canyon

7. Delicious waffles
8. Visiting the Neon Museum

9. Getting the last two seats together on our flight home
10. First UCF basketball game of the season

11. Celebrating a wedding and a baby
12. Steak n Shake and Pedicures
13. Chick Fil A play dates
14. Flan
15. McDonald's iced tea
16. Having my house cleaned by a professional
17. Christmas lights
18. A good day of decluttering and crafting

19. Strawberry cake with my mom
20. The public library
21. Chips and queso with some excellent friends
22. A facial
23. Hanging with the family and eating so much food
24. A UCF football win, 11-0!!!

25. Celebrating G-dawg's birthday
26. Playing new games with my siblings

27. Another year of Jenn
28. Being able to contribute to a toy drive at work
29. Curly Girl Design cards
30. Christopher comes home! It's been a long month of traveling for him.


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