Our Mt. Rainier Adventure

While we were in Washington we spent an afternoon exploring Mt. Rainier. Of course the first stop we made Christopher walked out on this tree limb over a cliff and I had to scream ask him politely to get the freak back on land. 

We saw two really tall waterfalls. They were so beautiful to listen to.


Look at that spectacular snow capped mountain.

This is me stepping in fresh snow that hadn't been stepped in by anyone else yet. It made that lovely crunching sound that new snow makes when you walk through it. It was glorious.


Can you see the deer?

I mean, come on! This is too pretty to be real.

So magical. 

Our trip up and down Mt. Rainier was breathtaking, and after Christopher stopped dangling himself off the edge of a cliff I could enjoy it. This was the last part of our trip in Washington and there couldn't have been a better way to end it.


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