31 Things I'm Grateful for December 2017

1. Decorating for Christmas
2. UCF Football ends a perfect season by winning the AAC championship game in double overtime

3. A UCF hoodie for Lucy
4. Crazy Christmas light houses
5. Festive candles
6. Nachos for dinner
7. Getting our first Christmas card in the mail
8. Free foxtail Friday
9. Another excellent Gingerbread House party

10. A fun day at Animal Kingdom
11. A magical night at Magic Kingdom

12. I FINALLY rode the Sunrail!

13. Lunch with Kera
14. Another year of Miranda
15. Listening to Christmas music and reading at Starbucks
16. Finally getting a Christmas tree
17. Seeing the Book of Mormon

18. New shoes
19. Donuts
20. Breakfast with some of the besties
21. Shopping away my feelings with Bianca

22. Eggnog

23. My mom came home from the hospital
24. Pajama party Christmas Eve
25. Jesus
26. A mani/pedi, shopping, and lunch with Hannah
27. An evening fire in the fire pit
28. Donating a bunch of stuff to Goodwill
29. Seeing School of Rock
30. Looking back at all of our 2017 memories with Christopher
31. The end of a pretty good year


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