Leveling Up

The weekend after Thanksgiving my brother and sister-in-law invited Christopher and I over to play our very first game of Dungeons and Dragons. We turned a 2-3 hour campaign into a 7-8 hour day, we blame it on being new. None of us could remember the other character's names, so we made name tags, because why not!?!

Christopher and I both figured D&D would be fun, but we didn't realized how much fun we would have. We all really enjoyed it and we're exciting about playing again. So excited that we have started looking at all the D&D gear we could get. Not to mention all the YouTube videos, websites, and articles we have watched/read about the game and the characters we created. None of needed something else to be obsessed with, but I think that's the direction this is headed, and I'm not sad about it.

Do you play D&D? Any tips for new players?


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