Our Laundromat Adventure

I hate washing comforters. The king size ones don't really fit in my washer, but for years I have just been shoving them in there anyway. A couple of months ago when I last shoved an over sized comforter into a regular size washing machine it caused my washing machine to overflow and flood the laundry room and ruined a section of our brand new floors in the hallway outside of the laundry room. Needless to say I stopped washing my comforters at home, and I ended up with a pile of three giant comforters just sitting in a corner of my office because they didn't all fit in the laundry room.

I finally decided it was time for a trip to the laundromat. Christopher and I loaded our dirty laundry into the car and off we went. There is a laundromat next door to our favorite pizza place so we figured we'd eat while our stuff washed.

In an hour and 5ish minutes we had washed and dried three comforters, shared a Stromboli, and made a couple of to do lists. It was so fast.

Thankfully the laundromat we went to was clean and there were plenty of washers and dryer so we didn't have to wait around at all. I will never try shoving my comforters in my washing machine at home again. I'd rather eat pizza and not flood my house.


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