The Glass Knife

 After what seemed like forever, The Glass Knife  finally opened in Winter Park last month. The Glass Knife has a beautiful selection of cakes, donuts during the later half of the week, and a small menu of soups, salads, and sandwiches. They also have a coffee bar, beer, and wine.

The first time I visited with my friend Jen and we shared a turkey sandwich (pictured below a little ways) and got a dozen donuts to share with the office. They have some pretty delicious sounding flavors, we tried banana cream, orange pistachio, sprinkle, apple cider, lemon meringue, and peanut butter.

The donuts were heavy and bready, even the donuts that weren't specifically cake donuts. Not fluffy and light like I prefer. The banana cream was the best of the flavors we tried but at about $3 a pop they are not a treat I would likely buy again. If you are in the market for some light, delicious local donuts try Donut King Winter Park, something a little different, try the brioche donuts at Buttermilk Bakery on the weekends.

The Glass Knife is hella adorable. Every detail feels carefully and meticulously chosen. I mean look how cute this bench is.

Everything is black, gold, pink, or glass. It's lovely. If you are planning a girls day/night for a birthday, or celebration of any type, this is a great place to consider.

Both times I visited The Glass Knife I got the roasted turkey club sandwich, it comes on a pretzel bun, which I love, and a side of root veggie chips and cucumbers. 

Mmmmmm bacon!

The second time I visited with my mom and we got cake! We chose a slice of Strawberry, and Vanilla Vanilla. The strawberry has such an amazing strawberry flavor, it was really good. The vanilla cake wasn't anything special, and at $8 a slice I'd rather just get 2 slices of cake from publix or 2.5 cupcakes from Blue Bird Bake Shop or 2 half pound cookies from Gideon's Bakehouse.

My mom got this individual chocolate cake for my dad, and I don't know what he thought of it, but my hairdresser tried it and didn't care for it.

Overall, I would go back for a sandwich and coffee, but I wasn't impressed with the sweets. If I go back and try anything else noteworthy I'll be sure to let you know.


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