A Perfect Knight

This is one of my very favorite Christmas decorations, and this year that little Knight cheerleader and that Knight Santa checked off everything on their wishlist. 

On Saturday, December 2, 2017 UCF Football finished a PERFECT season. 12-0! They are the AAC champions and we couldn't be happier fans.

UCF won the AAC championship game in double overtime, I can't even remember the last time we saw OT play. I didn't think a football game could be more stressful than the back and forth of the game against USF on Black Friday, but I was wrong. It was an emotional 4 hours that ended with great joy and great sadness.

As they were preparing to present the trophy ESPN broke the news that Scott Frost was leaving his position as head football coach at UCF to go back home to Nebraska. Something we all knew was very possibly, but were all still wishing wouldn't happen. Fans chanted "stay" and "we want frost", but that call of home was too strong.

Thanks for two great years Coach Frost. It's been a wild ride from 0-12 to 12-0.

Go Knights!


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