31 Things I am Grateful for: January 2018

1. UCF Football wins the Peach Bowl!
2. Celebrating Ben and Elicia's Wedding

3. Audiobooks
4. Bright pink nail polish
5. Dressing up in black and gold to celebrate UCF Football
6. Haircuts
7. The UCF Football parade at Magic Kingdom

8. Naps and decongestant
9. A new planner, finally
10. Surprise presents
11. Feeding Heidi a lemon
12. Jeremiah's still having pumpkin pie ice
13. Another excellent Scottish Highland Games

14. Alcohol
15. 32 years of life
16. Another year of Grandma Marty
17. Coffee. Always coffee.
18. Mom's surgery went really well
19. Bianca scoring suite tickets to Miranda Lambert

20. Antibiotics
21. Mom got to go home
22. Audio books
23. Adopting Lucy 8 years ago

24. New shoes
25. An unexpected pie
26. Coffee and an hour listening to a book in a park
27. Celebrating life with Hannah

28. Buttermilk Bakery, those pastries could change any bad day into a happy one
29. Homemade breakfast
30. Lists
31. Candles


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