Craft Room/Office Floors

We FINALLY started working on replacing the carpet in my office. Over the weekend we moved all of the furniture, except my desk because it won't fit without taking it apart, out into the living room. We removed the carpet, the tack strips, and the baseboards. My arm felt like it was going to fall off.

After work we've done a little more prep work to get the walls ready, becasue the baseboards will be lower now. So we patched up holes, scraped the caulk from the top edge of the baseboards, and next we will do a little touch up paint. We are going to repaint the inside of the closet and then add some paint at the bottom of the wall so that it meets the baseboards. Hopefully the color isn't too different than when we painted this room when we moved in because if we have to repaint the whole room I might cry.

Once the floors are done I am going to reorganize my things and upgrade some of my storage from clear plastic drawers I've had since college to some fake wood drawers from IKEA, obviously.

The drawers I am 99% sure I am going to use are the ALEX Drawers, I like the tall narrow one and the short wide one. I'm going to start with one of each and then see how far that gets me. I want to use these drawers to store my wrapping, party, and craft supplies.

I already have two KALLAX cubbies that I use in my office but I might want to change those out as well, we'll see.

There is still a lot of work to finish, but I'm glad it's finally happening.


  1. I looked at those drawers for my craft room but I am so ocd about drawers that don't pull all the way out! I hate how I can't reach/see the stuff in the back. I am excited to see it all finished!

    1. Oh that is annoying, I want one for gift wrapping supplies, so maybe for wrapping it wouldn't be bad. I didn't realize they didn't open all the way! =(

    2. It might not be so bad for wrapping supplies!


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