28 Things I am Grateful for: February 2018

1. Visiting Carrie in DC
2. My first trip to Ben's Chili Bowl

3. Fancy popcorn

4. Carrie introducing me to new shows on Netflix 
5. LUSH bath products
6. Macaroni and cheese
7. A ton of free Hallmark Christmas wrapping paper
8. Trader Joe's being so close to work

9. The Winter Olympics
10. Epcot day with Jenn & Matt
11. Another year of daddy

12. Chocolate
13. 10 Things I Hate About you at the Enzian
14. Galentines to keep me company when my Valentine is away for work

15. Wine
16. Finally getting a Unicorn Horn bubble bar from LUSH
17. A fresh hair cut and color
18. Belated Valentine's Day date with my forever Valentine 
19. Clean sheets
20. Happy Hour with Jen
21. Plant Nite

22. Another year of kind, smart, funny, wonderful Molly

23. Seeing The Lion King 
24. Celebrating Molly with chocolate cupcakes
25. A fun Disney day with Christopher
26. Surprise Macarons 

27. 10 years ago I said Yes!
28. Chris bringing my phone to work when I forgot it in the car


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