31 Things I am Grateful for: March 2018

1. A great UCF Basketball game

2. I got a really cool MagicBand holder for my watch band from Etsy
3. Friends on Netflix
4. Meeting baby Maso
5. New fancy pens
6. Lakeside lady date with Jen

7. Foxtail Coffee and Buttermilk Bakery on the way to work

8. Our 15 year dating anniversary
9. German food
10. Celebrating little Heidi's first birthday
11. We finished painting the dresser for my wrapping supplies
12. Coworkers that make 12 hour work days tolerable
13. Playing in snow flurries

14. Seeing Kelly and Scott
15. Meeting baby Finn
16. Seeing Stacy
17. A flight that wasn't full
18. Still having a Spring Break
19. An evening of hand, foot, and face masks while watching TV with Lucy
20. Jeni's ice cream at Publix

21. The cute stuff for $1 at Target
22. Space heaters
23. Seeing Waitress
24. Hilarious Snapchat filters
25. Planting a lemon tree in our backyard

26. Pretty bubble baths
27. Disney trivia with some cool people
28. Therapy (like everyday but especially this day)
29. A morning bun from Buttermilk Bakery

30. Hot Doughnuts
31. Temporary Easter tattoos with BFFs.

I hope you had a lovely March, bring on the showers April.


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