Fun Facts About Natalie

I'm feeling a little into myself today, so I'm going to share some fun facts about myself that you may or may not know. Get excited, I'm a weirdo.

I am 32. I have officially reached an age where I get excited as hell to get carded at the liquor store or at a bar. It's like the biggest compliment. 

Speaking of liquor stores, I love gin, margaritas, and sweet white wine, but honestly, I haven't met too many cocktails I didn't enjoy. 

I am married to Christopher, this May will be NINE years. Who thought we'd last this long? Probably not my parents. I have a feeling that they paid for a wedding anyway because at least someone else would pay my room a board for a while and as long as it lasted about 3 years they'd break even. 

I love my parents and my siblings. We're very close and I see them constantly. In fact, my youngest brother works with me.

I work at a college and every single day I am less out of touch with the youth of today. It's ultra depressing. I have a student leader who has never seen the Wizard of Oz, students don't get my cultural references, and even though I listen to pop music, watch YouTube videos, and use Snapchat I can't make a joke they get to save my life. 

I am funny. I make funny faces. I tell funny stories. I'm quick with an observation. I like making people laugh, it makes me happy. I am considering working on a stand up act. Someone I know, knows a guy, so we'll see. 

I love to read, listen to podcasts, and learn new things. Right now I am reading F is for Fugitive and listening to The Armchair Expert podcast by Dax Shepard. I also listen to Up First every morning becasue that's about all the news I can handle.

I love music, theater, and obviously musical theater. Christopher and I have season tickets to Broadway Across America and enjoy every second. I have a rap name for my fake future as a rapper, it's Natty Ice, it has nothing to do with the domestic beer. 

I love Disney, especially for the fireworks shows. This is the 3rd time we've had Disney annual passes and I can't imagine not having them. There is just something so magical about Disney World, even just walking around the park with a dole whip is enough magic to sustain me for a few days.

I have only been on one cruise, but I am obsessed. We're already counting down the days until our next one! Come on September, get me on a boat!!

I love stationary. I own more cards, list pads, notebooks, and journals than some small stationary stores. My favorites brands are Curly Girl Design, Rifle Paper Co., and Emily McDowell. The feeling of writing on quality weight and textured paper with a nice pen makes me happier than most other things in my life. I know how to have a good time.

I love coffee. I mean don't most people? I love going to a new coffee shop and try to visit at least one local coffee shop when I travel somewhere new. I like to sit in local coffee places and enjoy my coffee in a real mug, while reading, people watching, or listening to music. It's nice to go somewhere new and exciting, but that also feels homey and like that mug and chair have been waiting just for you. I also like to try and find the best donuts in town when I travel.

Now just imagine me in a cute coffee shop with my fancy stationary and a perfect ultra fine point pen. When people talk about living their best life, this is what I picture in my head.

I love dogs. I want a pack of dogs. I think 5 dogs and 3 or 4 goats would be a perfect zoo of animals once we have space for that kind of thing. I would also love a horse, but I am far too lazy to own a horse.

I see a therapist weekly and take antidepressants to keep my life in order. Taking control of my mental health has been an amazing process over the last year and a half and I am so grateful to have found a therapist I love, a drug that works, and to have a support system that keeps an eye on me. If you are struggling with a mental illness, tell someone, get help. It's hard and it sucks, but it's worth it, and YOU'RE worth it. I promise.

I host an annual gingerbread house building party for adults only. We drink sangria, eat snacks, and build masterpieces (bahahahaha, kind of) out of graham crackers and royal icing.

My family goes to the local Scottish Highland Games every year, and all of the men in my family wear kilts.

That's all I can think of for now. If you want to know about anything else, just leave a comment. I could probably be convinced to talk about myself again. 


  1. Wow you're pretty awesome... though I already knew that! I'm also too lazy to own a horse. Where is our best friend who owns some horses and nice boats. And maybe a condo at the beach. She exists... I believe.


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