Shaking my Coke Habit

If you know me at all, even just a little bit, you know I love Coke. The flavor. The cold bubbles. I even have the different deliveries of coke ranked:

8. Coke slurpees (I'm not a huge fan of these)
7. Coke from a 20oz bottle
6. Coke from a 2 liter bottle served in a plastic cup
5. Coke in a glass bottle
4. Coke in a can
3. Coke from a Coke Freestyle machine
2. Fountain coke from any fountain that is not a Coke Freestyle machine
1. Fountain coke from McDonald's

I love beverages, I drink for comfort. Coke, ice water, iced tea, coffee, milk, juice, anything. I love to sit and sip on a warm drink when it's cold or raining and read, or drink something really cold when it's hot, which is most of the time in Florida. I usually bring 2-3 drinks to work every day, I have a drinking problem and it's not the alcoholic variety.

In an effort to be healthier, becasue I'm getting older and all that, I have been cutting way back on coke. Like not even drinking it at all some days, and pretty much never drinking it as much as I was before February. I drink a lot more iced tea now, and I don't miss coke like I thought I would. I thought the cravings would be overwhelming and I would cave really easily, but what I've noticed is that as long as I have a drink I'm pretty happy. We'll see how it's going a few months from now, but for the time being I've gotten to a normal person level of coke drinking, and I'm pretty proud of that.


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    1. I've gone back to drinking 1 or 2 every couple of days, but for the most part I've come cleanish. lol


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