3 Tips To Not Feel Lonely When You Are Home Alone

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Christopher travels a decent amount for work, and it's almost always last minute. He travels the most during the Fall and Winter, about 50 - 75% of the time, leaving me with a lot of alone time, which as an extreme extrovert I hate.

Typically Christopher will be gone for the work week, leaving either Sunday night or EARLY Monday morning, and getting home Friday night. Thankfully our airport has a LUSH store, so I get treats when he travels.

Lucy is an excellent companion when Christopher is away, but I need to see people.

These are my top three tips for staying sane while you are home alone.


I have therapy once a week, and pretty much always stop at Target or to get myself an ice cream treat on the way home, because feelings are hard and I deserve a treat.

I try to schedule dinner with my parents or a friend one or two nights during the week so I don't just go home to a bowl of cereal for dinner and a glass of wine in bed.


I leave myself one or two nights to go home after work and just do one or two easy chores, hang out with Lucy, and take care of myself. Set a loose schedule of what you need to get done, how you are going to relax, what you might want to read or watch, that kind of thing.


I try to make a list of goals for week when Christopher is gone. I have the whole house to myself, I can watch or listen to anything I want, be as loud as I want, and I can even sleep sideways in our bed if I want.

For example, Christopher is gone this week so this is my current goals list:
  • Read F is for Fugitive (I had to renew this book from the library and I hadn't even started it yet)
  • Listen to Challenger Deep (audio book from the library)
  • Listen to a podcast (other than Up First - I listen to that every morning so it doesn't count)
  • Meditate for 5 minutes 
  • Do a guided meditation 
  • Try a YouTube yoga session
  • Get myself fresh flowers
  • Declutter my dresser 
  • Try the new Foxtail Coffee location
These are not to do's, they aren't things I need to get done to be a successful human or to keep my house in one piece, these are just things that will make me happy and help me to focus on myself in a healthy way. I am trying not to come home and watch Netflix for hours until I fall asleep, which is what I want to do when I get home from work, but I know that a few days of that in a row make me feel crappy and don't do anything to improve my mental health.

Christopher and I are not big phone talkers, but we try to talk on the phone once a day for at least a few minutes even if it's just to say hi, I love you, bye. We do text each other and send each other pictures of ourselves and what we're doing, but we need to work on talking and actually connecting a little more meaningfully when he travels.

Do you have a partner that travels often? How do you stay connected? What do you do with all of your damn alone time? Leave your tips in the comments.


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