30 Things I am Grateful for: April 2018

1. Easter
2. Warm pumpkin loaf from Starbucks
3. Dinner dates with besties
4. Sharing cheese curds with Hannah

5. Blue shimmery baths

6. Meeting a chicken named Cucumber
7. Time away at the beach

8. Coffee and cards with Christopher
9. Income to pay taxes on
10. Free cone day at Ben & Jerry's

11. Cheese, crackers, fruit, and donuts at my morning meeting
12. Bagel breakfast sandwiches
13. Lunch with my mommy
14. Seeing my cousin Elicia who moved far far away in January
15. Getting a table at Foxtail
16. Another year of my mommy
17. Friends to play Friends trivia with, plus we got 2nd place
18. A massage
19. A fun work and play day with Jen
20. Postmodern Jukebox at Dr. Phillips

21. A fun IKEA trip
22. Successful birthday party at our house
23. McDonald's hotcakes
24. Ice Cream
25. Visiting Papa Sabz, I might not ever have to cook again

26. Dessert first
27. Something Rotten

28. A fun night at Animal Kingdom

29. Family trip planning
30. Oatmeal


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