Now Open: Foxtail Coffee Co. Altamonte Springs

The newest Foxtail Coffee Co. location opened this week in Altamonte Springs (near 436 and 434 if you're local). I follow them religiously on social media, so when they posted on Instagram that they would be open they day before their grand opening I knew that's what I would be doing after work.

I went home to let Lucy out, stopped at the mall to pick up a couple things, and headed over to the newest house of caffeinated delights. I ordered a cafe con leche and a blueberry muffin, snagged a comfy chair, read a little bit, and just enjoyed being in a place that makes me feel so happy and cozy.

This location is a nice size, it has a handful of tables inside and outside on a patio and some bar seating against the windows. It was a little bit loud, but it could have just been the mix of people that were there. Most people at this location were enjoying their coffee in groups instead of alone or in pairs. At the Winter Park location you will typically find people working on a laptop or reading, so it's a little quieter.

I tried to put a dent in my library book, F is for Fugitive, while eating my blueberry muffin and drinking my coffee, but the people watching was too good to resist.

Foxtail Coffee Altamonte doesn't show up yet when you search on GoogleMaps, but this is a map of the location.


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