PSA: Please Keep Your Shoes On

Last week we went to see Postmodern Jukebox at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando. The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts hosts touring Broadway shows, ballets, comedians, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Orchestras, and yes even Paw Patrol Live. It's a fancy place. A place where you should keep all of your clothes on, including your damn shoes ma'am.

Which barn was this woman raised in? Who in their right mind sits in the atrium of a performing arts center, or any public place for that matter, and just kicks off their shoes?

I have been barefoot in public as an adult exactly ONE time, with the exception of a pedicure. I was in college, I was downtown, I had had a few drinks, it was the night I realized heels are not for me, and it has never happened again. After a precautionary tetanus shot, I got myself some going out flats, donated all of my heels, and have been wearing proper footwear ever since.

Unless you are getting a pedicure, please for the love of everyone else's sanity, keep your damn shoes on while you are in public.

Thank you.


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