Relationship Challenge March 2018

I'm back with my third installment of watch Natalie try to simplify her life in 2018. During the month of March I wanted to take time to connect with Christopher and focus on our marriage.

I mixed ideas from a couple of relationship/marriage challenges I found on Pinterest to make my own version. Here are the two I was inspired by:

I took the things I thought would work for us, knowing I would be out of town the week of my spring break, and came up with this:

Christopher and I talked about some of the tasks, some of them I kept a secret so I didn't ruin any surprises I had planned.

The first week and a half of the challenge was a hit or miss, we did about half of the tasks, the second week in March was my spring break and I went to CT to visit my friend Kelly, so I had already planned some things we could do while I was gone, like writing Chris a love letter, texting him reasons I love him, etc.

Well the weekend before I went to CT, Chris found out he had a last minute (like usual) work trip and he would be leaving two days after I got home from visiting Kelly. Being away from each other for two weeks in a row made a lot of the tasks difficult, and once he got home it was hard to get back into the swing of things again.

This has been my least successful challenge so far this year, and it kind of breaks my heart. I know spending quality time with Christopher is really important, but sometimes it's hard when you're tired after work, or one of us is traveling alone, or yano Netflix is right there ready to coo us into a crappy little slumber.

The best part about this challenge was that I'm more aware of the work that it takes to spend quality time together, give each other the attention and the space we need, and that we need to be way more intentional about it. I made a list of all the things we missed in March, and I am going to try and still do them in April.

This month (April) I'm attempting to journal every day, so check back in a few weeks to see how that goes.


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