31 Things I am Grateful for: May 2018

Photo by Meg Nielson on Unsplash

1. Bubbly face masks

2. Curly fries
3. A donut date with a new friend

4. Princess Leia buns for Star Wars Day
5. Trying two new desserts at Magic Kingdom
6. Brunch with some of the besties
7. Organizing my LUSH bath stuff

8. A facial
9. The Birchbox How to Hygge box
10. Another year of Hannah
11. Lady date to Disney with Jen

12. Fireworks
13. My mom
14. Rain storms
15. Celebrating Jake's graduation

16. NINE years of marriage
17. A coworker making a Chick Fil A breakfast run
18. Pay day, half day, Friday
19. A massage
20. Trying a new BBQ place

21. Finding my long lost rain coat
22. Friends that share their HBO log in
23. Picking up the mugs and ornament we painted for our anniversary
24. Rifle Paper Co. Summer Sale
25. All the years I got to spend with my popsicle before he died
26. Grilled muffins from Shaker's

27. Fazoli's bread sticks

28. Another year of Bianca
29. Another year of Carrie
30. A Metro Diner is being built MINUTES from my house!

31. The Spelling Bee to distract me from life


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