Little Blue Donut Co.

Little Blue Donut Co. set up shop in Winter Park recently and it makes me so happy.

They make their donuts to order, so you always get a fresh warm donut, dressed up however you'd like.

They have a options ranging from basic glazed, powdered sugar, or cinnamon sugar, to the extravagant choco-caramel PB pretzel.

The space is comfortable and I was in love with the blue armchairs they have near the front window. You can sit in a comfy chair, eat a glorious donut, and watch people and traffic go by on Fairbanks Ave.

My first visit was with a new friend from work who is basically a donut expert. We shared one of their special donuts that week, blueberry donut with french toast and blueberry glaze topping, and a choco- caramel PB pretzel.

They were warm and heavenly, light battered donuts with really well balanced toppings, and so good you just wanted to try every single thing on the menu all at once.

I went back for a second visit, and got an apple pie type donut, I don't remember the exact name, and I didn't take a picture because I was too excited. So just imagine a warm donut, topped with apple pie filling and a caramel glaze. Then get in your car and go get yourself one.


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