We have been married for NINE YEARS. How did that happen?

Some days it feels like we just got married, and sometimes like we've been married our whole lives, and honestly we kind of have been.

Just in case you aren't familiar with our love story, here's the Reader's Digest version:

I met Christopher when I was 12 and he was 13 (6th/7th grade) at youth group. We were boyfriend and girlfriend on and off in middle school and high school, it was a little ridiculous, trust me.

My freshman year of college we both went to a friend's house for a party (January 2005) and started hooking up (sorry mom), in March 2015 he told a friend I was his girlfriend and I was like, "ummmm excuse me, no." So I told him that if he fed me a steak dinner, I'd consider being his girlfriend. Three years later, minus one 3 month break for him to get his life together we were engaged, and May 16, 2009 we said, "I bet you half my shit I'll love you forever"!

It's a romance for the ages, right? Netflix, are you interested? Maybe like 3 or 4 seasons? No, a mini series, 3 one hour specials? Please.

Anyway, let's look at the highlights from year NINE.

We visited the horse farm twice to pet and feed horses.

 We went to Disney a lot and ate a lot of Dole Whip!

 We got a Roomba!

 We survived our first big hurricane as home owners.

We visited Canada

I surprised Christopher in Washington for his birthday and we saw snow on Mt. Rainer!

We went on our first cruise!

We had Potbelly together for the first time in a couple of years!

 We had a pancake flight in Phoenix, AZ

We saw the Grand Canyon!

 We went to Las Vegas again!

UCF Football had an UNDEFEATED Season!

We became Broadway Across America season ticket holders.

 We made solar eclipse viewers.

We planted a lemon tree.

But you can't have all these highs without a few lows.

I found out it would be really hard for me to get pregnant if we ever wanted to, which even though we weren't planning to, is hard to hear. It sucks to be broken.

My mom found out she had ovarian cancer, so after she was all settled in the hospital and feeling better, Bianca and I went and did some serious retail therapy. Christopher promised not to look at our bank statement that month, that's love folks.

Thankfully my mom had surgery and the tumor that was growing on her ovary was able to be removed and as of right now there aren't any other cancery parts left. So that was an amazing miracle, and I'm so thankful she is back to her normal self.

And finally, and not as serious as the first two lows, our 1999 Camry finally bit the dust. It was being held together by hopes and dreams, so it was a surprise, but it's still sad to see her go.

Year nine had a couple of scary sad months, but for the most part it was pretty amazing for us and it has me excited going into year ten.


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