30 Things I Am Grateful For: June 2018

1. A fun afternoon with Molly and some of her people
2. Pool time
3. Magic Kingdom with Bianca
4. Another year of Kelly
5. The opportunity to help someone feel good about going to counseling
6. A handy husband
7. Comedians
8. Animal Kingdom adventures with Jen

9. Tea party and Cinderella with Molly and Heidi

10. Donut King being open 24 hours a day
11. Rainbow floats

12. The Orlando Community
13. Maroon 5 with Jen
14. Breakfast at Datz
15. A Disney day by myself

16. Going to the Birds of Prey Center
17. My dad
18. Fazoli's bread sticks

19. Beef kebab at Papa Sabz
20. Drinks with two of the best ladies I know
21. Seeing "Would You Be My Neighbor?"
22. A fun Disney night with Christopher and Jen
23. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Concert
24. A new kitchen sink

25.Another year of Aunt Juli
26. BBQ
27. Another year of Kimber
28. Another year of Jen

29. Celebrating Jessie making it to 30
30. Another year of Brenda

Not bad June, not bad.

How was your month? Leave something you are grateful for in the comments. 


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