Life Lately: So Many Questions

Recently I have been faced with a series of not very important, but mildly amusing life questions. I thought I'd share them with you. If you have the answers, please leave them in the comments.

The other day at work I called into a meeting on skype becasue my schedule was crazy and I couldn't make it in person. Half way through the audio stopped working and the other person on skype and myself could no longer hear the people meeting in person, we could only see the shared screen they were presenting. We both sent messages to the people in the meeting and nothing changed. Which brings us to my first life question.

Q: How long do you wait in an online meeting with no audio and just random note typing on a screen before you say, screw it, and just wait for the meeting notes to be emailed to you? 

I sat there and watched them type new things into the notes document, because I figured at least I could see what was happening and I had already blocked out this time for this purpose and what if just maybe the sound came back. And 40 minutes later it did, for 2 minutes. *GIANT EYE ROLL*

Christopher and I have Broadway Across America season tickets, and see lots of other fun stuff at the Dr. Phillips Center. We have seen some interesting folks at these events, but for the most part I'm not horrified by any of the weirdness. This brings us to our first picture and my second life question.

Q: Why would someone think it's OK to take their shoes off in the atrium of a performing arts center?

WHY?? This is not your house, put your shoes back on.

Moving on.

We're getting some new restaurants near work, including Agave Azul which finally opens tomorrow, and that brings us to life question number 3.

Q: How far in advance is too far in advance for a coming soon sign? 

The picture of this coming soon sign was taken in November. I have been drooling and dreaming of eating lunch at this place for 7 months. It's cruel and unusual punishment in my opinion. I feel like 3 - 5 months out is plenty of time for people to get excited.

With all of the new construction going on some of the medians are getting new plants. Yesterday I saw a new palm tree planted in a median under the branches of an oak tree. Their branches were tangled up.

Q: Do people not think about how plants work before they plant them?

I realize that I am the worst at plants, but I feel like if you plant plants for a living you should maybe not plant a tree under another tree. Again, not an expert, so maybe it's fine, but it seems weird to me.

I think that's enough for this time, but I question several things a day, so this won't be the only post of random questions.

Leave your thoughts about these and other life questions in the comments. 


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