Our Plant City Adventure AKA Fazoli's Quest

I love Fazoli's. I loved it as a kid, I love it now, and they are all ridiculously far away from where I live. It just isn't fair that the midwest gets to have easy access to all the buttery, garlicy, soft, and steamy, breadsticks they want and I have to drive an hour an a half to get them.

I live in one of the most visited metropolitan areas in the country. THE ENTIRE WORLD COMES HERE TO VACATION, GIVE US SOME BREADSTICKS!!

So last weekend while it rained for the 900th day in a row, and we couldn't play at the pool, or at Disney, or the beach, Christopher and I drove the hour and a half to Plant City, FL to get ourselves some of these beauties.

Oh, hello baked spaghetti and meatballs.

The best part of Fazoli's is making your dish a meal with a side and a drink, because one of the side options is a slice of pizza. It's not a healthy option, but it's delicious.

After Fazoli's we decided to poke around Plant City a little bit and see what else they had to offer outside of Strawberry Festival season, and found a cute ice cream place called Mr. Sebas. 

I got coffee ice cream, because it's the best flavor and I can't remember what Christopher got.

It was an excellent adventure to Plant City, and in an excellent turn of weather events it stopped raining on our drive back to Orlando so we dropped by EPCOT for a few hours, and ended our day with fireworks.

Do you have any favorite things that you would drive hours for?


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