In Memory of Bura

Bura is one of the nicknames we called my Aunt Barbara. Earlier this month she unexpectedly passed away, and over the weekend we celebrated her life and all that she meant to us.

It was amazing to hear stories from her life long friends, coworkers, and even stories from my parents and other aunts and uncles that I hadn't heard before.

Barbara loved kids, she was always excited to meet a new baby and to snuggle with them. She hosted sleepovers throughout the years for all of her nieces and nephews. And going through her pictures at her house, we found tons of our school pictures and pictures of us at family events and holiday gatherings. She loved people with her whole heart.

Barb also loved to cook, and explored the world through new and exciting foods. So after the memorial service we had a pot luck lunch and people brought dishes she had made for them, or that reminded them of Barb. We spent a few hours just being together and enjoying food she would have loved.

On our way home Saturday night we saw this giant rainbow, and I feel like it was a sign that Bura liked her party, and was showing us she will always be with us, it just looks a little different now. 


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