We're Back!

Sorry for the interruption this week!

Let this be a reminder to anyone that uses an auto renewal service: you should actually open the emails that the service sends you. Learn from my mistakes.

My precious domain name was up for renewal and I was just expecting it to auto renew like usual, but the card I had on file was compromised shortly before the scheduled renewal and when I got the new one I forgot to update the google overlords. They attempted to show mercy and remind me and tell me and remind me some more, but did I read their emails? No. Of course not.

So two hours in a support chat and a 30 min phone call later, we're back. Don't let this happen to you. It was a pain. I wanted to scream, cry, throw things, and give up. But instead I got a milkshake and eventually it got fixed.

Thanks for coming back! I'm glad you're here!


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