31 Things I am Grateful for: August 2018

1. Beefy King lunch with friends

2. Fancy foam art in my latte

3. Kelly visiting
4. Celebrating LBC
5. Beach days
6. Peach iced tea at Metro Diner

7. The new IKEA catalog
8. Outback Steakhouse delivery
9. New blankets
10. Pizza night with my parents
11. Monopoly game night with Christopher - even if my little wheelbarrow spent a lot of time in jail

12. Celebrating family birthdays
13. Tanya making a Starbucks run
14. Fruit snacks
15. Cozy sweaters
16. Lakeside lunch at Shake Shack with Kera

17. Ice cream date at Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream
18. Sweet nieces
19. Riding the train for the first time in a while
20. Orange Deamsicles on hot days

21. UCF Football tickets came in the mail
22. PDQ by work opened

23. A little grasshopper hanging out on my car for a ride

24. Jen making a Starbucks run
25. Disney fun

26. Booking flights to Germany for Christmas!
27. Cracker Barrel breakfast before work

28. Dinner and drinks with my besties from my last job
29. Carpooling with Hannah on Fridays
30. Voting
31. Food and Wine Festival


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